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Base Cabinet Construction Sketch


Base Cabinet Construction Sketch

This method of construction blends European style cabinets, with what's known as traditional style. The major distinction between the two is traditional style cabinets have a face frame. While this adds to the design, (the beauty of wood and all that), it is also more costly to produce. It adds considerable labor and materials to the mix. There is also the disadvantage of making the cabinet openings smaller. A 24" European base cabinet will have 22 1/2" of clear access, while a traditional cabinet will have only 20" clear access. If you add a center stile, (vertical divider between two doors), in the center of the face frame, it reduces the opening even more.


Traditional or European Style Cabinetry

Another factor in favor of the European method is the fact that three pairs of cabinet sides are possible from a single sheet of plywood, as discussed below.

Note that the sides of the cabinets are only 30" tall. This is done this way for three reasons. First, instead of only getting two pair of base cabinet sides per sheet, at the standard height of 34 1/2", we get three. The second reason is we use European cabinet feet, which are adjustable in height, from inside the cabinet, which makes installation a breeze. Instead of either shimming the bases to be level, or worse, scribing them to the floor. The third reason is that the toe kick snaps onto the legs, so if a wire or pipe is needed in the future, simply pop off the kick, run the wire, and snap it back on.

We build a considerable number of very high end kitchens, and almost exclusively, this is the technique we use.


Base Cab Sketch


European Cabinet Feet



 These feet, although somewhat hard to locate, are extremely handy for installing base cabinets. They are height adjustable from inside the cabinet, or under the cabinet. The are very easy to install, and will speed up the base cabinet installation time. If you are unable to locate them, we can supply them for you. Call for pricing.

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Adjustable Leveler Leg
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Adjustable Leveler Leg

Adjustable Leveler Leg

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