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Extreme Birdhouses


Extreme Birdhouses

Extreme Birdhouse  Extreme Birdhouse  Extreme Birdhouses

Talk about taking things to extremes.

When a fellow is no longer to work at his trade, what can he do? Well according to John in Cranbrook Ontario, Canada
the answer is simple. He just scaled things down a bit and kept right on going!

Now he's probably happier than ever, and in the process, making quite a name for himself.

I have developed a frienship with John, and am amazed at what he can accomplish.


We met through a woodworking Forum, www.lumberjocks.com 
and in a relitively short period of time I have developed an immense amount
of respect for both his work and the man himself.

This gentleman is quickly developing a repitiore of projects that put him in a league all by himself.
He has gone from building house for people to building them for our feathered friends.

Not just any birdhouse mind you, but castles in the sky!

He has attracted a following of people looking to purchase his products as well as plans,
so they can build them build for themselves

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if some of the migratory birds in his area have decided not to leave for the winter!
I mean, why bother when you're living in a castle right? Just close the front door and wait for spring!


Here's his profile on the forum:

Hi everyone I am John from Cranbrook Ontario. I am a 43 yr old retired carpenter due to an injury,

I was in new home construction. renovations, decks, fences,

and anything woodworking for well over 25 years.

I am also the creator of Extreme Birdhouses.

I have 2 beautiful kids, my son Jamie is 25 and my daughter Jacquie is 24

and I am now a grandpa of a beautiful baby girl born on July 23 , 2007

-- John in Cranbrook


Cranbrook Custom Woodworking

If you're looking to buy one of these magnificant creations, or his plans, or just browse at the

projects he's completed, visit his web site!

http://www.extremebirdhouse.com ....

Location: Cranbrook Ontario. Canada
Website: (Plans)

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